Christopher Bryant

 Artist Statement:

Games have always been a very important part of my life. When I was five I was diagnosed with cancer. Playing video games helped me out during my time in the hospital. Games don’t only help us escape from reality, they can teach us many things. My drive is to take a step further with games and explore how they can have positive impact on the self and real world. I started with simple digital games that acted as metaphors for larger world issues. Currently I have moved onto more tangible games like board games and live action roleplaying. What interests me is how properly directed play can create experiences that create social awareness and positive services.


Christopher Bryant designs modes of play and discovery in the form of games or a directed experience. Chris designed a series of experimental games that challenged moral decisions. The designs for the games were heavily influenced by religious themes and Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise (Heaven). He currently has in development three games. The first is a massively multiplayer live action roleplaying game called Local Heroes Guild. This game creates a series of games with the intent of creating awareness and positive real world changes. Local Heroes Guild is an infinite game loop and experience that makes games out of everyday activities and reveals problems that are in those structures. Chris’ second game is a zombie survival based board game for two to four players. Unlike most traditional style board games this game focuses on cooperative play to win. Players work together against the game in an attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. Chris’ most recent work is a card game the focuses on helping those with social anxiety and performance anxiety participate in a group based setting.

After graduating with degrees in both psychology and new media, Chris continued at the University of Maine with the Intermedia IMFA program. This is where he started working more with game design and art. Games have always fascinated Chris, especially their power over the mind. Currently in his thesis year, Chris is exploring how games can affect the real world in positive ways.


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